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          De:bug / Berlin-based magazine about all things electronic. In german.
          Frieze / The british artmagazine about other things as well. One of the better.
          Guardian Unlimited / The british newspaper, incidentally one of the better worldwide
          McSweeney's / Literary 'zine run by Dave Eggers. Great stuff!
          Metropolis / A magazine about design and architecture...
          Purple / The original weird magazine, french, and pretty good.
          RE- Magazine / Dutch conceptual magazine.
          Showstudio / The netchild of Nick Knight & Peter Saville. Lotsa nice fashiony stuff.
          Visslingar & Rop / A good swedish theater-magazine, but looks like the page is rarely updated.


          Jahsonic / Everything you need to know about the history of house and disco, plus much more.
          Micromusic / Low-tech music for High-tech people. Atari in daa hoouse!!
          The Pop Academy / Probably the most thorough overview of everything vaguely synthpoppy. Japanese of course.
          The Rap Sample FAQ / A HUGE list of samples and their sources in all forms of music
          Playhouse Records / German house label w/artists: Isolèe & Ricardo Villalobos... need I say more?


          Air De Paris / Parisian gallery hosting Olav Breuning, Paul McCarthy, Lamsweerde & Matadin, Annika Von Hauswolff ++ 
          CFA Berlin / Gallery hosting Daniel Richter, Jonathan Meese, Pettibon ++ 
               Eva Rothschild
/ Artist making nice sculptures that combine new age, homecraft and fine art in a nice mix.
          Evan Holloway / My favourite: "The sculpture that goes with the bank"
          Gary Webb / Shinyy art. Looks like something that comes as a surprise in your Kinder-eggs. Except it's abstract art of course.
          Gelatin / Homepage of art group Gelatin
          Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin / Niice fashiony photos.
          Mike Kelley / The official homepage of Mike Kelley
          Neen & Telic /  Neen, the famous art -ism run by Milton Manetas
          Office for Contemporary Art Norway / Kind of explains itself.
          Palais De Tokyo / The coolest gallery. But you'll have to learn french first...
          UKS / Young artists go berzerk! ... nah...
          Violette Banks / Beautiful art about heavy metal
          Zingmagazine / Art for curators
          Öyvind Fahlström / Swedish artist from the 70s. Very good work.


          Disinformation / The news that never reaches the news.
          History of Economic Thought / Absurd as it may seem, I'm a sucker for economic thory and I get all my kicks fulfilled here.
          Le Monde Diplomatique / Radical Political News, scandinavian version.

          Klaus Staeck / Political art. That works.
          Corpwatch / Holding corporations accountable.

     --Science stuff--

          Wired /The reknowned tech-nerd magazine which sometimes happens to have good articles on breakthrough science stuff
          Extraordinary Eye Perception / Do you only use the eyes for seeing?
          The Split Brain / Did you know what would happen if your left part of the brain couldn't speak to the right part anymore?
          Music & Emotions / Some texts on the links between music & emotions
          The Biological Foundation Of Music / Where does music come from and why the hell do we care.
          MeaningOfLife / Interviews with the big thinkers about the big questions. Realplayer clips.
 / Info and news on the ultimate legend in science...superconductivity.


          M/M Paris / Nicety nice french design. Presently in charge of the design of Vogue paris. Cooperated with Philippe Parreno & Pierre Huyghe too.
          The Designers Republic / Directly responsible for the look of late 90's techno. And very good it is too.
          Ettore Sottsass 1 & 2 / Directly responsible for the look of 80's furniture. The creator of the Memphis design group.
          Grandpeople / The best young designgroup in Norway! Hopefully they'll get their website running too soon!
          Memphis / Bold & Bright. The future of the past.
          Concept Cars / Ah, what the future could have been... I want this one.
          Car Design News / News about car design.
          Bouroullec Design / Ronan & Erwan Bouroullecs coming homepage
          Shift / Japanese magazine about alternative design. Extremely quick to pick up on things you didn't know about.


          Ada Lovelace / The first computernerd was a woman. In the 1850's.
          Michel Gondry / The best musicvideo director. As simple as that.
          Momus / Never been a big fan of his music, but definitely of his homegrown website
          Shuji Terayama / Supposedly very good experimental moviemaker from the 60's. This page is in japanese though.
          Tage Danielsson / Great swedish writer, director and humanist. Swedish page about him.

     --And lots more--

          Bureau of Public Secrets / Situationist texts for free
          Project Gutenberg / Most texts that are older than 100 years and famous can be found here for free.
          Project Gutenberg Australia / And here you'll find even more (the laws are different in Australia)
          Disenchanted / Essays about humanity, technology, etc. Brush through their dictionary. It's great!
          CTHEORY / An international journal of theory, technology, and culture. Articles, interviews, reviews...

     --Friends & Acquintances--

          Lars Morell /
          Kalle Runeson /
          Single Unit / Also known as... Are Mokkelbost
          Nordic Hell /
          Arne Borgan / Plunderphonics galore!
          Datarock / Bring out the datarockers!! The band behind the lesser known hit "I used to dance with my daddy-o".